Big bats in the 9th Sound Sweet As Ever

It was every child’s dream situation.  Bottom of the 9th, 2 out, bases loaded, tie game, full count.  Jonny Szczesniak later said that his knees were shaking as he awaited the Derek Schauer payoff pitch.  The ball sailed towards the plate as time slowed, just before Szczesniak raked it to deep center field for a walk-off hit to fulfill an incredible game.

It was another glorious outing for both teams, great chemistry and steller defense.  Both starting pitchers were hard to solve, J Grace striking out twelve Around the Horners over eight innings.  It was the bats that came up late in the game.  In the top of the 9th Team Around the Horn tied it up after stringing together some singles against Phundamentally Sound’s closer Jonny Szczesniak.  After the blown save, it was Szczesniak who would have the last word.

An all-around great game, much fun was had.  The lead changed hands five times and rally caps were a plenty.  Kris Eden took some good photos (we’ll see them in the Flickr group later this week).

Highlights for Team Around the Horn would be the pitching of starter Justin Stuhltrager, the offense (3 hits, 3 SB) of leadoff man Dann Pudish, and the leather of left John Paetsch & James P.  Phundamentally Sound had steller defense by shortstop Michael Fichman, the rookie debut of catcher Buddy Szczesniak, and the bottom of the 9th catalyst 2out triple by OF Kurt Hunte.

With two out, Hunte launched a 350′ fly ball to left field in which he would settle for nothing less than a triple.  Next Mark drew a walk to put runners at the corners.  After discussing an intentional walk to Phundamentally Sound’s cleanup hitter Joshua Grace, the first pitch from Schauer hit him just North of the elbow to load the bases for Szczesniak-who answered destiny’s call.

Next week looks to be a ton of fun.  Mike Weiss will even be making an appearance.  More photographers.  Perhaps concessions are not too distant in the future for spectators.  Great game to all and good luck next week!

Attendence:  0,006

One response to “Big bats in the 9th Sound Sweet As Ever

  1. Josh camerote

    Man. Should have been watching this instead of that phillies game last night

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